In 1983, a group of about 25 artsans and craftpeople from the area got together and held a Christmas Art Show at Deer Run Golf Club in Lowell. The show was established under the guidance of Robin White, one of the original artists, and Rick White, both Lowell High School Teachers. Featuring a variety of exceptional artwork, a cozy environment with a fire in the fireplace, and wonderful lunches, the show was an instant success. Each year the show hosted more patrons and word spread about the high quality works that were available.

Although Deer Run setting had many advantages, there was no room to grow, take in more artisans and accommodate more shoppers. In 2000, the group made the move to Lowell High School, a wonderful new facility on Vergennes Road in Lowell. Featuring two gymnasiums, the show could now offer display space to over 100 artists and craftspeople and also allow comfortable shopping for thousands of people that now attended the show.

Since we have been at the High School, the show has also availed itself of student helpers from one of the classes to help set up the gyms, assist artists in carrying their products into and out of the gyms, aid in the many tasks involved in the actual show hours, and help in the take down and clean up of the show. The class then benefits from the proceeds from the show. As of 2012 Laura Summerfield and Julia Crawford, representing the Art and Drama Department, have come on board to help with the growing logistics of keeping the show running smoothly.

A great menu for holiday breakfast and lunch is available and reasonable.

We have steadily grown in the number of artists from across the state and especially in attendance by customers from all over West Michigan. Proceeds from admissions, food offerings, and artist registration fees go to Lowell High School activities.

The show has a very talented and diverse group of fine artists and craftspeople from all over the State of Michigan and further. Great care has been taken to insure high quality hand-crafted work. Acceptance into the show is based on unique products that are not duplicated by other artists.